Solutions For Every Problem

  • Industry Leading Security, Access Control, and Video Surveillance
  • Simple Small Business Protection
  • Large Scale Camera Deployments
  • UL Approved Alarm Monitoring
  • Solutions Designed by Manufacturer Certified Experts
  • Advanced PTZ, Thermal, and Modular Camera Systems
  • Fully Integrated Access Control Systems
  • Ultra High Definition Cameras for Detecting Forensic Details
  • Specialty Solutions for Extreme Environments

What Do I Need To Protect My Biggest Life Investments?

Red Mountain Fire & Security provides security and surveillance products for small offices, restaurants, hotels, government, retail, traffic, and education with advanced capabilities to meet even the stringent requirements of banking and financial entities, industrial, and maritime industries.

When you’re ready to take your business seriously, we’re here to help ease the burden of keeping your assets protected. We offer multiple layers of security based on the depth of your needs. An alarm event can be transmitted to our central station for police dispatch while you review a live camera feed from your smartphone or you may require an advanced AI based thermal optic camera system for manned 24/7 operations to assist with the highest level of surveillance.

Even access control can be integrated into alarm and video surveillance systems all operated within a single application on your smartphone including remote unlocking and locking of heavy-duty magnetic locks. As an owner or facilities manager, you have full control over how your business operates at all times.

Unparalled detail and detection in low light environments

A Better Way To Manage Your Business

Security, video surveillance, and access control work together to give you a new level of control while utilizing business analytics to help you determine when and how customers or employees are moving throughout the premises. Critical events such as employee access to sensitive areas can be alerted in real time for higher levels of surveillance and security.

Our systems allow you to take advantage of building management automation through a unified software experience that is simple and intuitive. Whether you want to be alerted of any activity inside your business afterhours, control access to your building, or you’d like to be able to monitor productivity on the go, we have the right solution for your business.